Mishap at Eisenhower Park fireworks show causes small fires

A mishap at the fireworks show at Nassau County's Eisenhower Park on Friday started some small fires.
Many county residents who attended the Celebrate America firework show at the park probably didn't realize that it had some extra bang to it.
Nassau County police confirmed there was a mishap of some sort with the firework show.
Some of the fireworks seemed to detonate improperly which caused some small fires in the launching area.
Police say no one was hurt since the launching area was closed to the public.
Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder told News 12 Long Island in a statement, "In preparation for the show and adhering to safety protocols, the Nassau County Police Department's arson bomb squad was present, as was the East Meadow Fire Department. All fires were put out in a relatively short amount of time."
Grucci Fireworks put on the show and a spokesperson told News 12 Long Island the fire seemed to have started in the mortar tubes and caused some malfunctions. As per protocol, they let the fires burn out and they'll launch an investigation. They say the incidents like these are very rare and also stated that no one was hurt.
Crews were seen cleaning up debris on Saturday morning. Some fire extinguishers were also scattered around the park.
Authorities say crews quickly extinguished the small fires that erupted during the show.