Miracle puppy’s ability to walk restored after life-altering surgery

A paralyzed puppy is now walking again thanks to a Putnam County vet.
Loki, a 14-month-old dog, was found on the side of an Ohio road and rescued by a group of caring people. He was then brought to New York and taken in by Kate McGunnigle, of Carmel.
However, he had to be rescued again only a few months later. The German Aussie shepherd received treatment by charitable organization Trina & Friends K9 Rescue of Bedford after collapsing while playing in his new home. He was instantly paralyzed.
In April, Dr. Jason Berg, neurosurgeon at Guardian Veterinary Specialists, examined Loki and noticed he was missing important components. The battered dog was missing a vertebra and some vertebrae malformed, which squished his spinal cord.
"He was twisted, and his spine was off, and he just couldn't even barely move," says Berg.
The successful medical procedure happened in May. News 12 is told that after 12 days, Loki was finally able to stand and is beginning to walk again.
Change your Range, a well-ranked physical therapy company, has worked with him over the past few months.
"I went to rinse him off and he all of a sudden, like stood up and walked out of the pool.  I was just in awe because I wasn't holding him at the time. I was tear-ridden. I was happy. I knew I was gonna see it, but I didn't think it was going to be so soon," says Change your Range owner Erika McElwey, EqCnTPM.
The surgery, rehab services and care were funded by donations and severely discounted services. To assist with Loki’s physical therapy funding:
Paypal: trinafriendsk9rescue@gmail.com 

EIN: 82-2636930