Metro-North urges NJ Transit to improve commuter service in the Hudson Valley

Metro-North is threatening to take action against New Jersey Transit if the railroad doesn't improve service for commuters in the Hudson Valley.
The threat comes after 30 trains were canceled on lines west of the Hudson over the last two months.
Metro-North officials also say they want NJT to reinstate two express trains that were taken off the Pascack Valley line last year.
If NJT doesn't make the changes, Metro-North says it will withhold 5% more of the monthly subsidiary it pays NJT to operate the line. That's in addition to the 10% Metro-North already started withholding last year due to poor service.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day says Rockland commuters have it the worst in the region. “Service has been horrendous, no question about it. We have taken it on the chin. I agree with my former commuters about that. But we were able to stop the increases over the year. They did withhold 10% last year, now they're withholding 5% this time. So, action is being taken,” he says.

News 12 reached out to NJT and is waiting to hear back.