Mayor of Peekskill sworn in for second term

Andre Rainey was sworn in New Year’s Day for his second term of office as the mayor of Peekskill.
In November 2019, the Democrat defeated former city councilman and Republican candidate for mayor, Vincent Vesce.
News 12 caught up with Rainey who shared his joy of serving his community for another two years.
“A lot of excitement over the last two years I have been in office. We've received $14 million in grants alone in the last two years, it's the most we have ever received in a two-year period. So we've built the right relationships and we've put the city in the right direction and we're going to continue to work for the next two years," says Rainey.
Deputy Mayor Kathie Talbot, Councilwoman Vivian McKenzie and Councilwoman Pat Riley were also sworn into office on Jan. 1.