Maximus, pit bull puppy seen being thrown into storefront, now ready for adoption in Yonkers

A bystander had recorded footage of a man throwing the dog into a Yonkers storefront.

Brian Heyman

Feb 17, 2023, 3:39 PM

Updated 493 days ago


A 9-month-old pit bull puppy who survived abuse is now available for adoption at the Yonkers Animal Shelter.
A bystander recorded footage of a man throwing the dog - named Maximus - into a Yonkers storefront. Antoin McPherson was eventually arrested and is facing a misdemeanor charge.
Maximus was then taken to the Yonkers Animal Shelter but needed to clear medical and observation protocols. A post on the official City of Yonkers Facebook Friday says Maximus is now available to adopt for $80. It mentions that he is people-friendly but is not recommended for a home with other animals.

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