Manorville man faces hate crime charges in string of shootings

A Manorville man is facing several charges in connection with a string of shootings that were allegedly motivated by hate.
Suffolk District Attorney Tim Sini say Christopher Keller attacked one victim because he was Jewish, and another because he perceived him as gay.
"This defendant is an absolute menace. We will continue to prosecute this case and hold him accountable," says Sini. "A very disturbing case."
From July 2020 to February 2021, the 36-count indictment says Keller used almost every means possible to harass and threaten five victims, three of whom he believed to be gay or Jewish.
Prosecutors say Keller fired shots into a Kings Park home and was behind other shootings in Medford, Holtsville and Smithtown. It also says he terrorized victims on social media. They say some of the disturbing messages on social media included death threats, photos of the victims' families and pornography.
Prosecutors say Keller also had three guns in his possession. They say he had a .22-caliber rifle, a .40-caliber pistol, and a semi-automatic weapon.
David Kilmnick, with the LGBT Network, says these allegations are a reminder that hate is prevalent.
"Particularly locally here on Long Island, you know we've seen hate crimes just go through the roof the last four to five years," says Kilmnick.
If convicted, Keller faces up to seven years in prison.