Manhattanville College offers program for budding sports agents, managers

Manhattanville College offers a sports program that gives budding sports agents and managers a chance of living out their dreams.
Manhattanville has offered a master’s program in sports business management since 2006. It recently added entertainment management.
“This is an umbrella of the sports business industry in terms of the course we teach, like sports marketing, sports law facility and management. We even have courses in sports communications, analytics, role of an agent, those types of things,” says Dave Torromeo, the program’s executive director.
Jason Martinez, of Sleepy Hollow, says he has dreams of becoming a general manager for a professional baseball team.

“Baseball there is business. You have to deal with contracts and all that stuff, so obviously working with numbers is going to help you a lot and that's what we learn here as well as communication,” he says.
All of the professors in the program are adjunct so they work in the field - their experience and connections are a big part of the program’s success.
Manhattanville will add a new business of sports gambling class next year.