Man donates hair to kids with cancer even after his own diagnosis

Growing hair to help make wigs for cancer patients is something women do, but that doesn't mean men can't do it.
Jerry Neudorfer says he went to Hicks Nursery and saw an older man who had long hair.
The man told him he grows out his hair and gives it to kids with cancer.
Neudorfer called the American Cancer Society and after a few months, they set him up with Wigs for Kids.
In August 2020, Neudorfer found out he had cancer.
He went through 25 treatments 25 weekdays in a row, which slowed the process of the hair growth, but never gave up.
"We're Jewish and there's an expression called a 'mitzvah,' a good deed," says "And it just felt like I was doing a mitzvah, a good deed."
He says other men can do it too, and has stopped almost every male with long hair and told them about it.