Mamaroneck Girl Scouts help beautify revived restaurant dining areas

The Mamaroneck Girl Scouts are taking advantage of the hot weather by doing their part in helping local businesses that were impacted by COVID-19 in their community.
The Scouts, along with over 30 volunteers, are assembling flower pots and planters at St. Anthony’s Church, which will be delivered to local restaurants to help beautify outdoor dining areas.
"It's just about coming out better from this pandemic and organizing as a community to make Mamaroneck Avenue a destination again,” says Amy Siskind, the event’s organizer.
The project received funding from the Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce, which included buying pots, soil, flowers and other tools needed to make it happen.
A volunteer told News 12 that the choice of tropical flowers and plants were intentionally chosen since they will not attract bees to dining areas.