‘Lord of the Rings’ superfan builds Hobbit-like house

A “Lord of the Rings” superfan built his very own 1500-square-foot, energy-efficient Hobbit house in Pawling.
Owner Jim Costigan, who works as a building engineer in Manhattan, says he designed the home nearly seven years ago. He says he just needs the final design touches inside.
Costigan says he became obsessed with building a Hobbit house like the one in the movies. He says the house is energy-efficient, using 90 percent less energy to heat and cool it compared to the average home.
"I thought that was completely different, the house in the movie was off the charts," Costigan says. "That's what really inspired me, how do you build a house that's like that?"
The home is also super-insulated, completely air-sealed and has a living green roof.
Costigan is preparing to part ways with his Hobbit home, closing the door on this chapter of his life.