Local police officers credited with saving lives of children after flames engulfed their Tomkins Cove home

Local police officers are being credited with saving three children from their burning Rockland County home.
The officers carried the children to safety after flames engulfed a home on Rosetown Road in Tomkins Cove early Saturday morning.
When Stony Point police officers William Mari, John Ferrara and Vincent Agovino got to the chaotic scene, the intense flames and heat were shooting out of the burning home.
The officers said they had to think quick - they saw that the family – three children and three adults -- were trapped near the back of the home
"Officer Ferrara handed me a child that I carried out ran around the wooded area to the neighbors house," says Agovino.
Officer Ferrara says he noticed there were vehicles starting to catch fire, there were power lines down and a gas line shooting flames into the air.
"I was about 10-15 feet away. The vehicle was beginning to catch fire. It could have been catastrophic - we had to get them out of there," says Ferrara.
All of the family's belongings, their home and cars were completely destroyed, but everyone got out safely.
The Red Cross is helping the family - and the officers hope the community will, too.
The Stony Point fire chief tells News 12 they're looking into the possiblilty that strong winds may have brought down power lines -- that may have ignited the fire.