LI college student claims sexual harassment by tenured music professor

A student at Hofstra University on Long Island claims she was sexually harassed by a tenured music professor.
Angelina Scolari says the professor sent her a two-page, handwritten note last year when she got her final grade. It arrived in an envelope marked "confidential."
Scolari says her heart dropped and she bubbled up with uncomfortable laughter when she read the words "foolish and dangerous attraction." The letter goes on to say, "I could call it a school boy crush, but I'm not a school boy. It's more a mid-life crisis, I suspect."
Scolari was 20 at the time and says the professor was 56. News 12 has chosen not to name the professor, as he has not been charged with a crime.
Scolari points out the author knew the situation wasn't right, writing, "Feelings from a teacher toward a student are usually toxic" and "I ask you to keep this to yourself." She did at first, but then she says she got the courage to report it to Hofstra University as sexual harassment. She says coming forward has empowered her.
Hofstra issued a statement saying the unsolicited letter "may not constitute sexual harassment under the law," but the college is now reviewing policies on such matters.
Currently, the school's guidelines do not directly prohibit employees, including professors, from having relationships with students. It only prohibits it if the professor has a direct supervisory role over the student.
While not against policy, Scolari says the situation still made her uncomfortable and she considers it sexual harassment.
The professor did not respond to a request for comment and is still working at Hofstra.