Learn fire safety at the Nassau County Firefighters Museum

It's a day of family fun learning fire safety on this Road Trip: Close to Home to the Nassau County Firefighters Museum.
The museum is twofold - it's a traditional museum on one side of it, and the other side is something for the children to learn.
In the education center, future firefighters can get on gear and learn all sorts of life saving skills, and what it takes to put out a fire.
It’s all interactive and everything that kids touch they will learn something whether they realize it or not.
Children can even go through the fire safety academy, and take a simulated ride to a fire and rescue a family.
On the other side of the Garden City museum, stop by to see their 9/11 memorial wall.
You'll also see firefighting apparatus up close. As far back as the early 1800s.
The museum is open every day but Monday.