Leaky ceiling, lack of electricity makes it tough for 81-year-old Cypress Hills woman

An 81-year-old woman living in the Cypress Hills Houses says NYCHA is not doing anything about her leaky ceiling and lack of electricity in part of her home.
Lydia Felciano says the leak started last Wednesday right before her electricity in a section of her apartment went out.
"I was here in the living room and out of nowhere the lights turned off," says Felciano.
Felciano, who is blind in one eye, says it's important for her to have the lights on. She says the leaky ceiling also makes it hard for her to take showers, adding that the water is also causing a problem in her room.
Daniel Perez set up extension cords from the front of her grandmother's apartment all the way to the back so she can use lamps.
The two say a NYCHA employee came by last Thursday and put a hole in the ceiling and said he couldn't do anything about the leak.
"It's very unfortunate because she's stressed out, says Perez. "We told her she can stay with us but unfortunately this is her home. Imagine someone taking you out of your own home. This is where she feels safe, this is where her food is at, this is where her medication is at."
NYCHA says its staff visited the apartment Tuesday and repairs are set to begin Wednesday.