Lawmakers push for expedited citizenship for migrants who serve in US military

A new law has just been proposed to give an expedited path to citizenship for qualified and vetted migrants who serve in the United States military.
It's called the "Courage to Serve Act." In 2022, the U.S. Army missed its recruiting goal by 25%.
West Point classmates Rep. Pat Ryan and Rep. John James are pushing for the legislation, saying it will not only help with the influx of migrants looking for work but also give back to the United States.
"If there are folks with the courage to raise their right hand, take an oath to protect and defend our constitution, and put their lives on the line for this country, then they sure as hell deserve the opportunity to be citizens in the United States of America," says Rep. Ryan.
In order to qualify, background checks would be required by the USCIS and FBI.
Migrants must also be admissible to the United States, and eligible for enlistment. In return, migrants would receive expedited processing and application assistance.