Latimer touts Penn Station Access Project as game-changer for Westchester

It's being called a game-changer for commuters living in Westchester County.
Local leaders came together Wednesday to deliver an update on the MTA’s Penn Station Access Project.
It's an effort to create a one-seat ride into New York City for Westchester residents for the first time.
Construction is expected to begin as soon as next year.
Westchester County Executive Latimer says once completed the project will entice more New Yorkers to set up roots here in the Hudson Valley.
"This project will open up access to Penn Station for Westchester commuters along the New Haven line from New Rochelle North to Port Chester. And will also allow for reverse commuting for those who live in the East Bronx who have a reason to work or otherwise in Westchester County. And also, Westchester resident who work in the East Bronx, they'll have that access as well," he said.
The project would take four to five years to complete.