Larchmont offers a wide variety of fun options for the whole family

Grab the kids and your dancing shoes as Road Trip: Close to Home takes the whole family to Larchmont.
The first stop is Groove Family Music to bang tambourines, shake maracas, and jingle those bells! “Our mission is to build community through music, so we offer family classes, we offer some sort of small band classes,” says Lesley Barovick, founder Groove Family Music.
With a reservation, you and your little ones can move and groove to the beat! “Kids basically learn rhythm harmony melody and we do a lot of songwriting,” says Barovick.
There is even more creativity to explore with some gooey fun at DIY Slime. Walk right in and you’ll have all the ingredients and the help you’ll need to make that perfect pile of slime!
“At D.I.Y. Slime, it’s a make your own slime shop and so we invite kids to come in with their parents, their caregivers, their friends to basically be creative,” says co-owner Stacey Sarver, of D.I.Y Slime 
And if you need a caffeine break and a place for the kids to play, then stop in at “POP In! Play Space and Café.” “This is basically a drop in place base. There’s opportunity for kids to learn. To have imaginary play. It’s just really exploring their minds,” says owner Yuko Kuro, of POP In! Play Space and Café.
Make a reservation or just drop in for up to an hour and a half.  There’s everything from STEM-inspired activities to a play on imagination.