KIYC: What to do if your landlord won’t provide heat during the winter

It's the time of the year when heat is needed to make a home comfortable, but what happens if your landlord refuses to provide heat?
Senior investigative reporter Walt Kane says that this is an all-too-common complaint among tenants. He says that landlords are required by law to provide heat.
The rules in New Jersey are clear. Under state housing codes, from Oct. 1 until May 1, landlords must provide enough heat so that the temperature is at least 68 degrees inside from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m.
It can be colder overnight, but temperatures cannot dip below 65 degrees inside.
If this is not happening, tenants can contact the New Jersey Bureau of Housing Code Enforcement by calling 609-633-6241 or 609-633-6227.
Housing advocates say that one thing tenants can do is document the issue. If the temperature inside their home is below 65 degrees, take a picture to show that.
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