K-9 center in Orangeburg uses live explosives to train dogs

About 200 K-9s and handlers are training at a new explosive detection K-9 center in Orangeburg.
The facility off of Ramland Road contains boxes, backpacks and cans – all of the items are used for odor-recognition exercises to train the dogs.

MSA Security says the K-9s are stationed with private companies and federal agencies, working outside the theater district and sporting arenas in Manhattan. 

What sets this company apart from the others is that it trains the dogs using live explosives, officials say.

"We are talking about an amount of explosives that are just enough to produce an odor. There's no risk at all to the public, and it’s fully regulated,” says Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day.
Officials say it's important to work with the real thing when training the K-9s to keep communities safe.

"The one we really need to be worried about now is homemade explosives,” says Michael O'Neil, chairman of MSA Security.

The FBI raided a home in Tappan last October and found a homemade bomb in the basement.
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