Jury deliberations begin in corruption trial of Mount Vernon's ex-top lawyer

A closely watched corruption trial is now in the hands of the jury.
The jury members are deliberating the fate of Mount Vernon's former top lawyer, Lawrence Porcari.
 They are asking to see bank statements, checks and invoices from the city Water Department, as well as clarification on certain city charter laws.
Former Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel Lawrence Porcari is accused of stealing $365,000 from the city Water Department.
He allegedly used this money to pay personal attorneys and a public relations firm for then-mayor Richard Thomas.
Thomas at the time was indicted for campaign violations.
The state Attorney General's Office says Porcari intentionally used the department as a slush fund.
The defense argues Porcari didn't personally benefit from the money and that the Water Department is routinely used to pay for non-water expenses.
He's charged with corruption, grand larceny, fraud and filing false documents.
Deliberations continue on Friday morning.