Judge: Man who bought $30K painting for $200 cannot move, sell it

A judge is set to decide the true owner of a painting that the former owner says was sold by mistake.
The controversy centers around a 20th century painting by American impressionist Aldro Thompson Hibbard. The painting is worth up to $30,000 but was sold for just $200.
On Friday, a judge decided the person in possession of the painting cannot move or sell it, as ownership is disputed.
The painting was owned by 88-year-old Helen Guistino, of Thornwood, who contends her son sold it without her permission. Dr. Sydney Hiller, who Gustino's attorney says is a collector and dealer in fine arts and antiques, bought the painting at a moving sale.
The painting now resides at Hiller's Briarcliff home hanging on a wall, where it will likely stay as the two parties dispute ownership.
Hiller's attorney didn't show up to court Friday, but said by phone they believe this is an unfortunate case and that her client is being vilified for simply purchasing the painting.
Dr. Hiller was also ordered to raise his liability insurance on the painting from $15,000 to $30,000.