Judge: Aluf Plastics must pay $75K for violating Orangetown emission levels

A judge ruled Tuesday that a controversial plastic bag manufacturer in Rockland County will now have to pay serious cash after being found guilty of creating a stinky area for nearby residents.
Aluf Plastics in Orangetown was fined $75,000 after a judge said the plant exceeded the town's emissions levels last year.
In court, attorneys for Aluf told the judge that they felt residents were trying to run them out of the town and that the company was being unfairly blamed for every odor in the industrial area. They also said the company has spent more than $2 million to remedy the problem. 
Those who live nearby say the bad smells are most certainly plastic in origin. They also said they want the bag manufacturer to stay if it can learn to be a good neighbor.
Residents told News 12 that the number of complaints registered against Aluf has increased this year, despite the company’s efforts to correct the problem. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has told Aluf this week to come up with new solutions to the problem.
Aluf faces 52 more open emissions cases that will go to trial in January. Attorneys for the company denied requests to comment on camera or by email.