Jabs at Senator Clinton come back to haunt former Yonkers mayor

Former Yonkers Mayor and Republican Senate candidate John Spencer is drawing criticism from Democrats after he sent a letter to conservative voters about morals and marriage.
Hoping to drum up financial support for his Senate bid to go up against Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Spencer attacked Clinton. He referred to the Chappaqua resident?s ?lack of morals and ethics and her reckless, unbridled ambition.? Many Democrats believe Spencer is being a hypocrite since he fathered two children with his Chief of Staff Kathy Spring when he was married. Spencer has since divorced and married Spring.
Spencer defended his comments saying he was talking about morals in government and the issue was that he doesn?t believe in gay marriage. And while Republican political analysts see Spencer?s point, they feel it wasn?t the right choice of words to put in a fundraising letter.
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