Irvington runner hopes to go for the gold at summer Olympics

A local athlete hopes he'll be able to go for the gold at the Olympics in July.
John Gregorek has been running ever since entering high school, having success at every level he's reached.
Now at 29, he's hoping his feet will lead him to Tokyo this summer.
Gregorek has been training for the Olympics ever since he missed out in 2016.
Despite some minor injuries and a pandemic, the Irvington resident has stayed the course.
"Changed the priorities for a year, just had to focus on public health and being smart and trying to figure out what the right move was. We were able to work around it and still get some training in, and there was some small, safely administered races," says Gregorek.
Tommy Nohilly runs the Empire Elite Track Club, and also coaches Gregorek.
He's been preparing him to race in the 1,500 meters for the last five years.
"He's one of the top in the U.S. right now with his ranking, and his times put him in right in contention," says Nohilly.
Gregorek is one of 32 runners from around the country who will head to Oregon in June for the qualifiers.
He'll need to finish in the top three to make the Olympics.