Iona University welcomes students to campus on move-in day

Iona University students moved into the dorms on Sunday ahead of the start of the new school year.
The incoming class of approximately 1,200 freshmen are the first class of Iona University, formerly Iona College. The school achieved university status two months ago.
"There's something about a university and the elevated status and it’s going to get some recognition beyond just our area," said Iona’s University’s dean of students Joel Quintong.
"I waited for this moment for 17 years," added freshman Jack Carney.
This year marked a return to a normal back-to-school move-in event since 2019, when the pandemic forced mask requirements and limited the number of students allowed on campus.
"I'm not going to go too crazy," said freshman Alexis Cancela. "That's what my dad says, don't get crazy!"