Inspired youth do their part to aid ailing Jewish community in wake of terror attack

Some kids in Rye Brook aren't just sitting back. They found a sweet way to lend a helping hand.

Emily Young

Oct 10, 2023, 9:36 PM

Updated 192 days ago


There are many people in the Hudson Valley Jewish community that are feeling helpless in the wake of the Hamas terror attack that killed hundreds in Israel – but some kids in Rye Brook aren't just sitting back. They found a sweet way to lend a helping hand.
"We saw what was going on in Israel and we thought how can we help with this," says Oren Fery and his twin Paige, both 11 years old. "We decided to have a bake sale to raise money and support the [Israel Defense Forces]."
Third graders and sixth graders, along with their parents got to work baking and making T-shirts to sell. The students gave it their all, ultimately raising almost $10,000. All the money raised will go directly to the IDF. But they aren't the only children who were moved to action. 
Hudson Greenstein, 9, from Armonk, was horrified while watching the news with his parents over the weekend.
"He was blown away about what was going on and right then and there we started talking about what we could do to help," recalls his dad Josh Greenstein.
He then realized that it was time to revive his pop-up matzah pizza business he had set up for the Passover holiday. Nick’s Pizza, where he hosts his pizza pop-up, was immediately on board.  
"That just shows you all the members of the community, Jewish, not Jewish, doesn't matter where you come from. But people that want to stick together and have the same values and do good stuff are there."
The matzah pizza pop-up will take place at Nick's Pizza and Ice Cream in Armonk on Thursday all day long. The funds they raise will go toward United Hatzallah.

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