Hundreds show up at Rockland legislative meeting to talk overdevelopment, anti-Semitism

Hundreds show up at Rockland legislative meeting to talk overdevelopment, anti-Semitism

Rockland County officials are calling for action after a passionate meeting among legislators Tuesday night that brought out hundreds of people - and plenty of anger. 
More than 200 people attended the Rockland County Legislature meeting, with hundreds more wanting to get inside.

Some said overdevelopment was the big concern, There were also allegations of people being anti-Semitic because they oppose development in Ramapo, primarily among the Hasidic community.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day called the legislative session a success.

“What people did last night is that they showed the entire county what the issue is,” said Day. “This is not about anti-Semitism -- it's about overdevelopment.”

Day tells News 12 that the county can only do so much to fight overdevelopment, since state law gives municipalities almost all control.

“I would be in favor now of giving even authority to the county Planning Department so when we say no, it's a no,” he says.

Back inside, people told legislators they're not doing enough to stop overdevelopment.
County Legislator Nancy Low-Hogan says she agrees.
Many people blamed County Legislator Aron Wieder Tuesday, saying he uses anti-Semitism as an excuse to allow development.

Both Day and Low-Hogan say the problem is bigger than one politician.

“I think we better do something. And we better do something now,” says Low-Hogan.

The next full meeting of the Legislature is scheduled for Sept. 17. Local lawmakers say that meeting could get similar turnout, depending on the agenda.
Legislators Tuesday night were supposed to discuss a controversial video created by the county's Republican party that many have called anti-Semitic, but that has been pushed to a later meeting.