Hundreds rally in Albany demanding right to vaccine choice

Hundreds of people from across the state rallied outside the capital in Albany Tuesday, demanding the right to vaccine choice.
Robert Kennedy Jr. fired up those who attended the rally, which was organized by the New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights.
Protestors there say they worry they will lose the right not to vaccinate their children now that state legislators are considering a bill that would end religious exemptions for all vaccines.
Many at the rally say not enough science has been done on vaccines, including the MMR shot for the measles.
Parents at the rally from the Hudson Valley say they refuse to vaccinate their children.
"I want the choice. I'm a public school teacher. My kids deserve a public education. They are not disease carriers. They are healthier than any of their friends," says Kathleen Buglino, of Woodbury.
Lawmakers from the Hudson Valley like state Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and state Sen. James Skoufis say they support the bill, adding vaccines have been shown by reams of research to be entirely safe.
"Respectfully, they're just wrong on this issue," says Skoufis. "It's not a matter of anyone tricking anyone. It's a matter of science and fact."
Supporters of the bill to ban religious exemptions say they're cautiously optimistic the bill will pass the Legislature if and when it gets out of the health committee.
Doctors at major national health institutions also say vaccines are safe, and blame the recent measles outbreak in Rockland County and elsewhere on myths and misinformation from people against vaccinations.