Hudson Valley trio heads south to help ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Three American Red Cross volunteers of greater New York have packed their bags and are setting their sights on Raleigh, North Carolina where they'll wait until the storm hits the coast.

News 12 Staff

Sep 3, 2019, 4:09 PM

Updated 1,755 days ago


As people in the Southeast evacuate their homes due to Hurricane Dorian, a few Hudson Valley volunteers are flying into the storm zone to lend a helping hand.

Brian and Linda McMullan are gearing up for their fourth deployment as American Red Cross volunteers. The Montibello couple's heading to Raleigh, North Carolina, where they will wait for the unknown.
“I have seen what happens to communities when these events occur, and it can be devastating to the people in the area.  I think having a strong group of folks there in the beginning helps to put things right a little quicker,” says Linda McMullan.

Caitlin Sperling is following in the McMullans' footsteps. The New City woman has been training for two years to embark on her first out-of-state mission.

Once Dorian makes landfall, the trio will relocate and operate shelters for people who need to escape danger zones.
“I know I will do everything in my power and with the Red Cross...and do everything in my power to help these people, and that I'm going to alleviate the suffering that they're going through. And that's the mission of the Red Cross,” says Sperling.

The team flies out of Newark Tuesday and plans on spending about two weeks in the Southeast.

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