Hudson Valley split on Biden plan to suspend gas tax

The plan would reduce gas prices about 18 cents a gallon for gas and 25 cents a gallon for diesel.

News 12 Staff

Jun 23, 2022, 9:45 AM

Updated 702 days ago


Drivers across the Hudson Valley seem to be split on President Joe Biden's plan to eliminate the federal gas tax for three months.
The plan would reduce gas prices about 18 cents a gallon for gas and 25 cents a gallon for diesel.
But don't get your hopes up just yet since it is a move Republicans widely oppose and it's not exactly popular with Democrats either. 
The taxes go toward fixing federal infrastructure and lawmakers say they worry losing that funding could lead to more troubles -- although
President Biden insists Congress can remove the tax without stripping money from the Highway Trust Fund that finances highways and mass transit.
The price for gas nationwide has now exceeded $5 a gallon for the first time since AAA started recording prices back in 2000. The average price has jumped almost $2 compared to this time last year.
New York lawmakers suspended the state's 16-cent gas tax. That began on June first and runs through the end of the year, but drivers only saw a temporary dip prices. AAA says it never equaled 16 cents so he questions whether the federal gas holiday is worth it. "Is 18.4 cents per gallon worth all the damage that we might wind up sustaining to our vehicles as a result of not having that funding?" asks Robert Sinclair, AAA spokesperson.
Heverardo Montez and his landscaping crew begin their day at the pump, and it's painful. Not only do they have to fill up their truck, but they also need to gas up the equipment. They do this every three days, and it used to cost a total of $180. Now it's up to $300m but they have no choice - they can't work without gas. "If I don't put in the gas, no work, no money," says Montez.
Oil and gas executives from some of the biggest companies are meeting with White House energy officials today to see if they can come up with some solutions.

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