Hudson Valley restaurant unveils new menu in response to Cuomo's rules

Some restaurants in the Hudson Valley are offering new menu items in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new rules for bars and restaurants.
Handshakes Bar and Grill in Hopewell Junction unveiled a new Cuomo menu, where everything is one dollar.
The menu was made in response to the governor's rule making it illegal for restaurants to serve alcohol if customers are not also ordering a meal. Cuomo also announced that eateries that receive three violations will be closed.
"We have regulars here during the day," says McKeon's Bar and Restaurant owner John Lyons. "They're elderly people. They'll come in to have a chat, read the paper, catch up on the news. They have been doing that for years. Some of them get food to go, some of them don't eat, so we have to tell them you gotta order food now. I can't give you a drink."
The new menu at Handshakes Bar and Grill is called "Cuomo's Unnecesssary Obligated Menu Options."