Hudson Valley merchants hope for an avalanche of customers buying snow supplies

Businesses like DAS Auto Parts, in Yorktown Heights, are sitting on a big pile of winter products.

Nadia Galindo

Feb 27, 2023, 5:39 PM

Updated 483 days ago


With substantial snow in the forecast, many Hudson Valley residents are now stocking up on snow supplies.
This is really the first big push of winter products this season. Businesses like DAS Auto Parts, in Yorktown Heights, are sitting on a lot of snow supplies.
Owners say they have just about everything you need for this snowstorm heading our way.
Yorktown Heights is in the area expected to get up to 8 inches of snow. Big snow totals are not uncommon for this region, which usually sees power outages when snow causes trees to fall on power lines.
But this year has been unseasonably dry and mild, which is bad news for small businesses like DAS Auto Parts.
Owner John Recchia says he stocks up every November for the winter, but this year he has sold practically none of his winter supplies. Recchia is only half-joking when he says he's hoping for an avalanche of customers today and tomorrow. "We have tons of rock salt, tons of shovels, snow sleds for the kids, wiper blades, batteries for the cars and for the generators. Yeah, I'm stocked. I'm ready to go here."
While many people are probably dreading shoveling snow, News 12 did meet a customer at the store that had a silver lining to all the snow.
He's in town watching his grandkids. When asked what his plans are for tomorrow, he says he hopes to grab a sled and hit a hill with his grandkids, for the first time this season.

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