Hudson Valley doctor touts Lyme disease treatment as option for COVID-19 patients

The medical director at the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center in Poughkeepsie believes he may have a breakthrough treatment for COVID-19 that could help save lives.
Dr. Richard Horowitz has treated more than 13,000 patients with chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Horowitz has now used that same treatment on nearly two dozen coronavirus patients.
"They feel better within an hour," says Dr. Horowitz. "Their fatigue, their shortness of breath, that tightness in the chest they get with COVID, most of their symptoms get better."
The treatment includes three over the counter natural oral supplements called acetyl-cysteine, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.
"They block a switch inside the nucleus called NF Capa B, and when this switch gets turned on it turns on all the inflammation and all these inflammatory molecules that you see with COVID-19," says Dr. Horowitz.
Since a vaccine could be months away, Dr. Horowitz says it's time to think outside of the box and try to use natural supplements.
Dr. Horowitz is now working with state leaders in hopes of securing state funding to conduct randomized trials.