HUD agreement leaves housing advocates wanting more

Affordable housing advocates aren't satisfied with an agreement between Westchester County and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
They say County Executive Rob Astorino is prematurely celebrating an end to a long-running feud with HUD.
Oddly, both Astorino and advocates like Alex Roberts say they think the problem is too much government involvement in the free market.
But while the county executive has railed against federal involvement, Roberts is criticizing local governments and their zoning policies, which he argues discriminate against the poor and people of color.
"He's framed it in such a way as federal government coming in and telling Somers how to zone," Roberts argues. "But really, the federal government has a responsibility to make sure zoning is done fairly."
But HUD recently told county officials that it no longer found any evidence of exclusionary zoning in Westchester -- a notion that Roberts adamantly disagrees with.
On the other hand, he concedes that HUD's intervention has created more affordable housing in the county.