How to beat the heat while keeping energy costs down

You may know the basics of keeping your house cool in the summer, but inflation means it's time to get more creative to keep energy costs down.
If your air conditioning unit is having trouble keeping up, you can spray it with a hose a few times a day to cool it down and help it run more effectively and save on energy.
A few other low-cost ways to keep your home cool is to seal windows and doors, close the blinds and only turn the AC on while you are home.
According to the U.S. Energy Department, every degree on the thermostat set above 72 can save you up to 3% on cooling.
"Finding that point where you're comfortable is a personal preference, really. Safety-wise, it's probably fine to be as warm as 78 degrees,” says Daniel Singer, the president of Robison Oil.
Another tip is to opt for the microwave when heating up food, since it uses half the energy and creates significantly less heat than an oven.
The placement of your air conditioning window unit is something to consider. Putting it on the shady side of your home allows it to work more efficiently.
"A condenser that's outdoors, in the hot sun, can overheat and can start causing problems,” Singer says.
Avoid using appliances like dishwashers and laundry during the day because they create steam.
"Humidity is probably the thing that leads us to feel warmer than anything else,” Singer says.
Another effortless way to keep air flowing through the house is to turn on existing exhaust vents, like the one on a microwave or in your bathroom, to draw warmth out of your home.