Hopewell Starbucks baristas are on strike, say company is uncooperative

Baristas at the Hopewell Starbucks in Mercer County were the first in New Jersey to vote unanimously to unionize in April. 
Now, they are on strike alleging the company has been uncooperative. 
Workers say they have had their hours cut and others have been fired. 
Starbucks sent News 12 a statement that said in part, "Starbucks has great partners and we value their contributions. We respect our partners’ right to engage in any legally protected activity or protest without retaliation. We are grateful for each partner who continues to work and we always do our best to listen to the concerns of all our partners."
Gov. Phil Murphy is showing his support for the workers tweeting, “Standing in solidarity with Starbucks workers – United NJ Workers in Hopewell – as they go on strike this weekend.” 
Murphy also says this is a Starbucks “wake-up call.”