Holocaust survivor from Mt. Kisco meets liberating soldier

It was a tearful reunion in Mount Kisco Friday after a Holocaust survivor met one of the soldiers who liberated him from the Gunskirchen concentration camp more than 72 years ago. 
Survivor Nandor Katz met Alan Moskin at the Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation Synagogue. 
Moskin says meeting Katz and his family made him realize the good he did during World War II. 
"One of the survivor's children that I met years ago always told me that by liberating one, you liberate the world. I never thought of it that way," said Moskin. 
The two men have birthdays exactly six months apart. They were 19 at the time of the liberation, they are now 91. 
In those 72 years, Katz held a variety of jobs from making bagels to silk screening. Moskin holds speaking engagements around the country.