Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss shares her life story in Bridgeport

Eva Schloss, a Holocaust survivor and Anne Frank's stepsister, shared her life story in Bridgeport on Sunday.
Nearly 650 people attend the talk at the Klein Memorial Auditorium to hear the 89-year-old talk about love, optimism and peace.
She shared her story of surviving the Holocaust, rebuilding her life and become a humanitarian.
Organizers say that now more than ever, it's important for people to listen and learn about stories like hers.
Schloss was featured this year in a New York Times documentary, which was nominated for an Academy Award.
Following the talk, a vigil and prayer service was held for the victims of the deadly Pittsburgh shooting.
A special Jewish prayer was recited, and six candles were lit during a candle lighting ceremony, commemorating the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust.
Schloss along with the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of survivors participated.
People at the event spoke against Saturday's violence and discussed making the world a better place.
"Today is a day or prayer and grief and mourning, but we know in our faith that injustice must be met with action," said Sen Richard Blumenthal. "I hope tomorrow we will have action we will see people come together."
Other local leaders, including state Sen. Tony Hwang and state Sen. Toni Boucher attended, reading a statement from Gov. Malloy along with Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Steven Ginsburg.