Hemlock Hill Farm offers farm-bred turkeys for Thanksgiving

Some customers got ready for Thanksgiving by heading to the farm instead of the local grocery store for must-have items.
Cortlandt’s Hemlock Hill Farm expected long lines all day Wednesday. The three-generation farm is family-owned and operated.
The farm, started by John Demaria’s family, has been in business since 1939. The owner passed the torch to his daughter, Laura Demaria, with the fourth generation already in mind.
Laura Demaria told News 12’s Justine Miller that the company began taking orders in October, and typically sells 2,000 turkeys in a four-day timespan.
Customers tend to come back every year.
“I know how they treat their animals like they’re great- they’re a family farm and I’m putting money back into my community,” says shopper Samantha Fonger.
The farm owner believes it feels good to be a part of the community.
"It's so nice to be a part of people's holiday, and the best part is having that turkey on the table and it being from our local farm," says Demaria, of Hemlock Hill Farm.
Hemlock Hill Farm sells more than just turkeys. The shop sells homemade fixings like cranberry sauce and turkey gravy year-round.