Health Dept. says bad-tasting Rockland water is safe to drink, but customers are wary

While the county Health Department confirms tap water in Rockland County is safe to drink, many residents beg to differ.
“Even though the health officials are saying that it's safe, I'm not drinking that," says Julie Roussell, of Congers.
News 12’s Nikita Ramos was with her Friday afternoon and tasted the water from her home. She described it as having no color and no odor – but with a musty taste.
Roussell is not alone in straining her finances to pay for other sources of water.
"We've probably spent about $3,000, $3,500 on filters that we have in the house. The new filter that we're getting in is probably going to be another couple of thousand," says Linn Munroe, of Valley Cottage.
SUEZ Water says the water's taste is not a Rockland-specific issue, blaming the taste on a “naturally occurring algae bloom."
Even though the utility company says it is not reimbursing customers for the recent water woes, Sen. David Carlucci has gathered more than 500 signatures for a petition calling for “Credit from SUEZ.” On top of the recent water woes, the utility is also asking for a rate hike in 2020.
"The fact that they're asking for a rate increase of over 18% over the next three years is unconscionable," says Carlucci.
SUEZ says the numbers are preliminary and there's a chance it can be lowered before they go into effect in March 2020. The company is urging customers to notify it directly, so it can test the water at those homes.