Hazmat crews clean up fiery tractor-trailer crash on I-287 in Purchase

Hazmat crews were sent out to I-287 in Purchase Saturday to clean up after a tractor-trailer carrying three tons of hazardous material crashed into a disabled car.
The driver of the 18-wheeler says it was foggy when he tried to swerve to miss an abandoned car in the middle of the highway. The driver clipped the car and hit the guardrail. The cab then caught fire and spilled the truck?s load of paint and supplies along the road. Police say the truck driver was not hurt. The accident closed the interstate for hours in both directions.
It took about 6,000 gallons of water to put out the tractor-trailer fire. Hazmat, county health and fire crews were on the scene for hours cleaning up the hazardous spill and carting away the debris. Crews were working to ensure the spill didn?t go into nearby sewers and streams.