Haverstraw child who battled medical illness given trip with family to Disney World

A child who battled a medical illness was given a trip with his family to Disney World - and News 12 was there for the announcement at the Haverstraw Center Thursday morning.
Kayden Germosen, 3, was born with prune belly syndrome, meaning he didn't have abdomen muscles. It made walking and crawling difficult.
Then last winter, News 12 was told that he was hospitalized for contracting three viruses at once.
He ended up back in the hospital due to COVID shortly after that.
He was placed in a medically induced coma both times.
"We've been through so much with Kayden,” said mom Vielka Henriquez.
Mom, dad, Kayden and older brother Jayden will head to Orlando, Florida this February, thanks to local efforts.
"They deserve to have some happy memories with their kid who had been sick for so long," said Christine Krasny, Kayden's occupational therapist.
Krasny raised thousands of dollars for the trip from online raffles on her Facebook page, “Making Memories in 2021.”
Rockland-based Baking Memories 4 Kids booked the family's trip.
"We sell cookies but we're giving families memories, videos, that they'll have forever," said Baking Memories 4 Kids founder Frank Squeo.
The nonprofit says they've sent 285 families on trips so far.