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Have your cake and eat it too in Hastings on Hudson

Enjoy your cake and eat it too in the quaint village of Hastings on Hudson on this week’s Road Trip: Close to Home.

News 12 Staff

Apr 28, 2022, 12:33 PM

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Enjoy your cake and eat it too in the quaint village of Hastings on Hudson on this week’s Road Trip: Close to Home.  
"By The Way Bakery" is a local pastry shop of more than a decade — and it sure lives up to its name.   "The reason I love its name is because it’s... by the way... you know that delicious pastry you just devoured? It was gluten-free," says Helene Godin, owner By The Way Bakery.
You’ll find anything from custom-made birthday cakes, your classic chocolate cake, almond cookies and even a mini confetti bunt! 
"My daughter is gluten-free and so we get these products for her and everything is fresh and delicious and I love the coffee," says one customer.
You also can make your way back in time to a restored treasure of the gilded age.  The Glenview mansion was the home of an upper-middle-class businessman who lived in Yonkers with his family.  
"There are not that many of these houses that remain, but really the secret, secret, thing that makes it worth it is the view, " says Laura Vookles, Chair of the Curatorial Department.
Immerse in the lifestyle and aesthetics of interior design at the turn of the 19th century.  "It's really of its moment in time in terms of the tile floors and the styles of stenciling and the wallpaper that we've recreated, it really does give people the sense of what gilded age life was like in Westchester," says Vookles
You’ll also find portraits of other notable people that made an impact in Yonkers.  "We've managed to do a project with the help of a Kress Fellow Christian Stegall and get digital photographs donated to us of African American life in Yonkers. You know not everybody that lived in Yonkers and made a contribution was a family like the Trevors," adds Vookles. 
Every detail in this house has a story of its own. It’s sure to captivate your curiosity on this Road Trip: Close to Home.  

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