Hate flyers found on SUNY Purchase campus

SUNY Purchase is on high alert after hateful flyers were found on campus.
Purchase College is now the second college in Westchester where white nationalist recruitment flyers have been found in recent weeks. Westchester Community College in Vahalla was the first. Officials there removed the signs and are hiring a full-time diversity officer for the school.
College officials said though they do not believe any crimes were committed, they are taking the situation very seriously.
The flyers from the pro-Europeon heritage group Identity Evropa were found posted on bulletin boards and in classrooms on the campus earlier in the month.
Campus police opened up another investigation after the group tweeted about the signs being on campus Thursday.
Some students who saw the signs said they ignored them and didn't want to feed into the frenzy.
"I find it upsetting and a little bit sad," said student, Alexander Robinson Gable. "A mixture of anger and apathy."
Police said they have swept the campus and all the signs are gone. They said their issue was not the content of the signs, because they do believe in free speech, but where the flyers were posted violated campus policy.
Police officials stressed they don't believe Identity Evropa is recruiting new members at SUNY Purchase, and if they are they don't believe they'd have much success. They said they have not seen any more flyers from Identity Evropa since the first week of the month.