Harvey School in Katonah enlists herd of goats to help get rid of invasive vines

The Harvey School in Katonah is taking care of its property’s invasive vine problem with the help of 33 goats from the company Fat and Sassy Goats of Beacon.
The plan grew from a partnership between the school and climate action organization Bedford 2030, whose executive director happens to live next door.
So far, the goats have cleared an entire patch of land in only three days.
It is both an environmentally friendly decision and a good educational opportunity for students, according to the head of the Harvey School, William Knauer.
"We looked at this as the idea of being a pilot program where we could both approach the issue of the invasives and also from the school side of how it could be educational,” he described.
The school plans to have the goats graze more of its 125-acre property this fall.