Gun rights advocates to sue Rockland judges over concealed carry denials

Gun rights advocates are planning to sue some Rockland judges over their decisions to deny some concealed carry permits.
Members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community say there is an increase in interest in concealed carry permits following the recent Hanukkah attack at a home in Monsey.
"People come to realize their ultimate solution for self-defense is the Second Amendment," says Tzvi Waldman, of 2ANYS Rockland County.
The lawsuit comes as Gov. Cuomo proposes gun control bills in his budget and dozens more make their way through the Legislature.
"I regard them as tyrannical,” says Erik Melanson, of 2ANYS Rockland County. “It’s just a way for people up top to have control over the people below them, and that really just drives me crazy."
Rockland County responded to the lawsuit saying, "Other than the processing of applications of this type by the county clerk's office, the matter of conceal carry permits rests entirely with the judiciary, not the county administration."
Advocates say they expect to file their lawsuit against Rockland County pistol-permitting judges in the next 30 days.