Gulf War vet opens pop-up to offer free merchandise to people in need

A Gulf War veteran opened up a pop-up shop that offers free clothing and other merchandise to people in need.
Dozens of workers from local nonprofit organizations converged on the store at the United Way of Westchester and Putnam in White Plains to stock up on hundreds of pieces of free merchandise for their clients.
All the items, including toys, books and linen, were donated by U.S. retailers.

United Way worker and Gulf War veteran Lorie Flaks organized the shop. She teamed up with a nonprofit that helps companies donate excess merchandise to charities.
"These donations came specifically through the Good 360 program, through Walmart, Harmon, Disney," she says.

Judy Watson stocked up on merchandise for her agency, which helps mentally ill and chronically homeless people.
"This is just an amazing resource to help people who have nothing,” says Watson.

Ken Bright’s agency works with former prisoners.
"A lot of times, they come home from incarceration, they have nothing. So what we do is provide them some things that help them go through the day,” says Bright.

The pop-up shop at The United Way of Westchester and Putnam will also be open on Tuesday to various nonprofits.