Greenburgh residents go at least a month without hot water

Residents began raising concerns over the last few weeks about boiler issues affecting the Greenburgh Housing Authority's state site on Maple Avenue, Oak and Beech streets.

Jonathan Gordon

Dec 27, 2022, 11:33 PM

Updated 507 days ago


Public housing residents in Greenburgh are fed up after going the last month without reliable hot water with no resolution in sight.
"They don't care," said one resident who lives in an all-senior housing building.
Residents began raising concerns over the last few weeks about boiler issues affecting the Greenburgh Housing Authority's state site on Maple Avenue, Oak  and Beech streets.
"I put it all the way up to the highest possible and it's still not hot enough," said Timothy James, who lives with his parents at the Greenburgh Housing Authority state site.
This location has 131 units which make up more than half of all the residences across GHA's system.
Bids for the project went out almost three weeks ago on Dec. 5, according to a letter to tenants sent to us from a resident dated Nov. 29.
That same letter asked residents not to run hot water for an extended period of time.
Another notice sent to tenants just last week indicated the project is expected to cost around $355,000. Contractors believe the lack of hot water and water pressure could be because of faulty sensors and pumps, clogged valves, or leaks.
According to that December letter, a temporary boiler system could still be a few weeks away.
"There's no hot water. You can't even take a shower. Day or night," said a resident who didn't want to be named.
The issue has forced some residents to find alternative housing and adequate water elsewhere.
"I can go someplace. Not everybody has a place to go," said Tonianne Palmer who went to her job to shower and change last week.
Tenant Tonianne Palmer who has resorted to boiling water is remaining patient but for only so long.
"You try to work with everybody and I have no problem with that but if it goes on for a certain amount of time then okay there's a problem," said Palmer.
But some aren't so lucky and have been forced to take cold showers for weeks during the chill of winter.
"The first few weeks we were like maybe something's going on and they'll fix it but after a while, you don't know when it's going to be fixed," said James.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner told News 12 the town's building inspector was at the site on Tuesday and believed the issue could be fixed by Wednesday.
"Even though this is not the responsibility of the town we want to be there for the housing authority," said Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.
The Greenburgh Housing Authority is a state and federally-funded entity that the town has no oversight over, according to Feiner. He blames some of the issues on a lack of communication between tenants, the town board and GHA.
He's encouraging residents to reach out to his office and the rest of the town board directly over concerns they have regarding their living situations.
"Give us addresses, give us names of tenants who have problems because right now I have no idea who the individuals are that have had problems and I can't help anybody if they don't call me," said Feiner.
Greenburgh Housing Authority Executive Director Raju Abraham did not confirm the town's assessment that hot water and pressure could be resolved this week but sent us this statement.
"The Greenburgh Housing Authority is aware of the domestic hot water issues at its state site and has worked diligently to resolve them. Much of the infrastructure at the State Site needs to be updated, so problems crop up from time to time that GHA does its best to address in a manner that inconveniences our residents as little as possible," wrote Abraham in a statement.
The statement also said, "GHA is working with an outside engineering firm and an outside HVAC contractor to identify the source of the hot water problem and fix the issue as quickly as possible. GHA understands that not having hot water in the winter is challenging and highly distressing to residents but rest assured that we are doing our best to rectify this situation as soon as possible.”

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