Gov. Hochul signs bill aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions

New York is chipping away at its carbon emissions and bolstering its green workforce with a set of bill signed into law Tuesday.
One of the bills just signed into law updates the state's building codes to support energy efficiency.
The governor says one-third of the state's total carbon emissions comes from buildings.
"We are the first generation to really feel the effect of climate change. We are also the last one that can do anything about it," says Hochul.
The new Advanced Building Codes, Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards Act of 2022 is expected to save New Yorkers $15 billion on energy bills through 2035.
Craig Hart, professor and executive director of Pace Energy and Climate Center, says laws like this are an important step toward a greener building industry.
"If it really means you can't build without being carbon neutral, then that's going to force change in the market and the timing of this is right," says Hart.
New York leaders have set an ambitious goal to reduce carbon emissions 85% by 2050.
"These are not just pie in the sky dreams, these are going to become reality," says Hochul.
To meet that goal, Hochul wants to promote the development of thermal energy networks used for heating and cooling communities - projects that the Pace Energy and Climate Center is already working on.
"They are looking at geothermal to minimize or eliminate carbon emissions," says Hart.
Hochul also signed bills to increase wages for workers on some renewable energy projects - including solar - and help spur more clean energy jobs.