Gov. Cuomo announces completion of new traffic pattern at Woodbury Common

There's a new traffic pattern at Woodbury Common.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Central Valley Thursday to announce the completion of the $150 million project, designed to cut congestion by as much as 50%.
Cuomo said the county's largest outlet center was done ahead of schedule and under budget.
Cuomo thanked shoppers for dealing with the construction.
"I want to thank the community that dealt with us through the construction and also endured the pain and the hardship for all these years leading up to this. But the bottom line is we did it and we did it together and it did work. And we did it ahead of schedule and we did it under budget," said Cuomo.
The Woodbury interchange reconfigures traffic on routes 32 and 17, eliminating left-hand turns that often cause congestion. It also includes new bridges as well as separate routes for shoppers and local traffic.
Cuomo calls the project overdue for a shopping center with 13 million annual visitors and a cash cow of the county.  

“Woodbury Common is one of the greatest international traffic destinations, and it's been a tremendous hassle to get there,” said Cuomo.
According to the governor's office, approximately 20,000 cars drive on Route 32 every day, while Route 17 sees more than 50,000 cars daily.